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Microneedle Pimple Patches
Microneedle Pimple Patches
Microneedle Pimple Patches
Microneedle Pimple Patches
Microneedle Pimple Patches
Microneedle Pimple Patches
Microneedle Pimple Patches
Microneedle Pimple Patches
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Microneedle Pimple Patches

Vegan Paraben-Free Sulphate-Free Additive-Free Unfragranced Cruelty-Free

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Advanced pimple patches packed with over 550 tiny dissolvable microneedles that painlessly penetrate the skin to dispense an intense burst of spot-busting actives deep down at the source. 

Cleverly designed to get to work from just 2 hours and take down a pimple, even before it emerges. Our exclusive triple-punch formula with totarol, green tea extract and salicylic acid helps stop bacteria, reduce inflammation, and replenish the skin.

Suitable for all pimples, including hormonal and deep cystic spots. Pop one on, feel the tingle, get on with your good skin day.

Suitable for Vegans.
Free of parabens, preservatives, additives, and fragrances.

Microneedle Technology

Painlessly getting the good stuff under your skin!

550 ultra-fine serum infused microneedles are tightly packed on the patch – 4x more than any other microneedle patch - each microneedle is approximately 1/3 the thickness of the human hair.

Our microneedles are formed from crystallized salicylic acid, totarol, and green tea extract which painlessly penetrate the outer skin layer. 

After two hours the microneedles self-dissolve releasing the ingredients into the dermal layers to purify from within, prevent bacteria from forming, reduce inflammation, moisturise, soothe and repair your skin.

Key Ingredients

Salicylic acid
Purges the skin of bacteria and debris, while reducing oil production and calming redness and swelling. 

Green tea extract (EGCG)
Breaks down sebum and bacteria to disinfect the skin and unclog pores while reducing redness, swelling. 

Supercharges your skin’s natural defences against toxins and UV damage. 

Skin Types

Suitable for all skin types

  • Normal 
  • Sensitive 
  • Dry
  • Combination
  • Oily

How To Apply

Step 1

Cleanse and dry the target area. 

Step 2

Apply the patch directly to the spot and press down to assist penetration, do not rub. 

Step 3

Leave on for at least two hours (to allow the ingredients to dissolver), ideally overnight.  

Step 4

Remove and discard when you’re done.

All Ingredients

Trehalose, Cellulose Gum, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Aqua, Butylene Glycol, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Madecassoside, Epigallocatechin Gallate, Salicylic Acid, Totarol, Ethoxydiglycol.


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So far so good.

I hadn't used patched before and was a bit skeptical, but bought them anyway. They actually seemed to help my spots go down a lot quicker than they normally would. I didn't know if it was the patch in particular that helped, or a combination of things so I bought a different brand, similar concept, they didn't seem to work as good, especially as these are the only brand I know of that ********* the skin. They are pricey, so I wouldn't recommend them for unless you get one or two big spots at a time, or have an event, otherwise they are used up really quickly.

Emzalot .
United Kingdom United Kingdom
The only thing that clears a blind boil

These spot patches are lifesavers! At least once every month I get a painful blind boil and I’d tried everything to get rid of them, toothpaste, apple cider vinegar, turmeric paste, benzoyl peroxide, sulphur, calamine, salicylic acid gel, you name it I’ve tried it & nothing worked until I tried these micro dart patches. I apply overnight and the next day the massive swollen spot is much flatter and significantly less red & angry looking. If I apply for 2 consecutive nights the boil is pretty much gone completely. Nothing works like these!

  • Age 35-44
Amrit N.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Good product!

They work well. The only negative is maybe do a range of different sizes and shapes, for the different parts of the face. As they’re not as flexible is other pimple patches because of the microneedles, sometimes they don’t sit well I.e around the chin area or jawline. Maybe if they had a different shape they would be more flexible around the edges and stick down.... but overall they really do work!

  • Age 25-34
Eileen B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Fantastic - bought for my partner who had severe acne right up until his mid 20s, and now in his mid 30s still suffers from deep pores, congested pores, and deep blackheads, and blocked hair follicles in his beard when he shaves. He put the patch on when he felt a deep spot coming - it minimised redness and brought the infection quickly to a small head, and another patch the next night took care of that - he followed with a salicylic acid treatment to dry it out and it was def the best result he has had in a long time.

  • Age 35-44
A VICE REVERSA skin care Customer
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Spot the difference

These patches are great to help stop that niggling spot from rearing it’s **** head! You can instantly feel the micro needles working and the difference overnight is amazing.

  • (Optional) Which Age Group Do Your Fit Into? 25-34
Lana T.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Actually helps! I’d recommend

I found the patches worked! For me it didn’t help my spots straight away after the 8 hours but the day after was when I noticed the difference! My spots normally stay for a week but using this it was gone in 2 days.

Jude H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Really helped

Really simple to use and perfect when you have a big spot that you want to disappear overnight.

Polly F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Better than zitsticka!

I’d used similar spot patches from another brand before and had a positive experience - these were just as good, but better value and come with less packaging. They calmed my skin overnight, I’d highly recommend them for preventing painful bumps from becoming annoying spots!

Jess C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Believe the hype!

I have to admit I was a tad suspicious at first but this product is surprisingly effective, the pimple patch is meant to be on for a few hours but it didn’t have time so technically it wasn’t on for as long as it should have been...however the following morning the pimple was totally gone! Love it!

Kat G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Easy to use and effective

Definitely noticed a reduction in size after leaving these pimple patches on for the night. Really easy to use.


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