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What are Dissolving Microneedles?

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Dissolving microneedles are tiny molecules of ingredients formed into ultra sharp needles approximately 1/3 the thickness of the human hair. The needles are formed with molecules of hyaluronic acid, collagen, etc. which penetrate the outer membranes (subcutaneous layer) dissolving over time through body temperature to treat the inner layers (epidermis/dermis).

How is this different from micro needling with conventional delivery systems such as rollers?

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Derma rollers rely on trauma and repair to replenish the skin and encourage rejuvenation. Dissolving micro needling patches are microfine and dissolve painlessly to replenish within.

When should I use Vice Reversa products?

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Vice Reversa micro needling patches can be used at any time and work best when used overnight or over a sustained period: Plumping patches work best when used over a consistent period. We recommend using twice a week for one-month period to see best results. Pimple patches work best at first indication of pimple. You can continue to treat pimple with patches as needed.

Why should I use Vice Reversa products?

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Because life is busy and stressful, and your skin isn’t always perfect. Our products are solution focused to help undo what life does. We formulate with the best possible ingredients for effective results. We value the importance of ingredients free from potential triggers for sensitive skin, artificial colouring, synthetic fragrances. Our technology allows for better efficacy and results in skincare.

Are Vice Reversa products organic or all-natural?

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Vice Reversa is not focused on organic or all-natural formulae. We focus on results and our deep understanding of what ingredients allow skin to be its best. Some of our ingredients are made in labs. We use high concentrations of natural ingredients where ever we can. Ingredients we do avoid include parabens, synthetic colouring, synthetic fragrances, denatured alcohol and mineral oil. Our patches are formulated through high-tech engineering utilising a unique delivery system to allow these ingredients to have better efficacy in the inner layers.

Do Vice Reversa products expire?

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Yes. Once opened the patches should be used immediately. Unused pimple patches should be stored and resealed in the pouch. Take care to keep the pouches away from sunlight and moisture. The remainder of the pimple patches should be used within 6 months of opening.

Where are Vice Reversa patches made?

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Vice Reversa patches are developed and manufactured in South Korea. 

Are Vice Reversa products safe to use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

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Vice Reversa products are penetrative rather than topical. We always recommend that you speak with your doctor and take the precautionary measures that you see fit throughout and post your pregnancy and breastfeeding. We want you to feel assured that you’re using only the right products for you and your baby.

Are Vice Reversa plumping patches an alternative to botox.

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Vice Reversa aim to hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate the skin from within, helping restore collage and elastin for a brighter, bouncier complexion. The plumping patches are not an alternative to botox but do succeed in improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with continued use.

Ordering and Delivery

Where are Vice Reversa products shipped from?

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Vice Reversa products are shipped via Royal Mail from our distribution centre in the UK.

How long are shipping times?

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All products will be dispatched within two days of you placing your order. Our standard shipping is 48H tracked post via Royal Mail.

Are you experiencing delays because of COVID-19?

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Your order might take a little longer to arrive due to COVID-19-related shipping delays. All of our orders are shipped via Royal Mail.


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