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It's Time to Rethink At‑Home Treatments

For decades, cosmetic chemists have been figuring out how to get actives through the top layer of dead skin cells to target crow’s feet, dark spots or fine lines. It was time for a new approach. We saw past lotions and potions – the answer doesn’t lie in changing the skincare formula. The answer lies in changing the delivery system.

Like many beauty innovations, the technology originated in the medical world and was first developed to vaccinate people more efficiently and painlessly without syringes or trained injectors. We couldn’t wait to apply the technology to skincare. With the help of K-beauty scientists, we’ve developed precision MicroMasks to complement your skincare routine and target your most vexing concerns from within.


We’ve created the world’s first range dedicated to this technology, scientifically-proven to deliver active ingredients to levels creams and serums alone just can’t reach – making them the perfect weekly boost to your daily routine.

Our revolutionary at-home treatments fill the gap between traditional skincare and invasive salon treatments – with zero recovery time.

We don’t claim that skincare is medicine – but the right active, at the correct dose, delivered deep into the skin will bring noticeable improvement.

That’s the beauty of precision skincare.