Meet the intense treatment programs changing at-home skincare

No matter how good our skincare routine, we all have at least one ‘problem area’ that won’t budge – no matter how many lotions and potions we apply.

Meet your new hero: The MicroMask.

Our range is designed and formulated for different areas of concern, but all have the same mission: to get concentrated, active ingredients deeper under the skin.

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How do MicroMasks work VS traditional skincare?

MicroMasks are NOT your average mask. Rather than feeling moist with ingredients you’ll notice they feel dry yet textured – almost like Velcro. That’s because we crystallise our actives into tiny, self-dissolving MicroCrystal tips that gently and painlessly penetrate the skin, delivering the concentrated formula directly where it has the biggest impact – in the deeper layers.

Pure, concentrated formulas

Because we don’t need water or oils to help the ingredients pass through the skin, our MicroMasks only contain essential ingredients designed to target the specific concern – making them more potent and more effective.