Press to Activate

Our innovative microneedle patches use different formulas to tackle specific skin concerns, but the one thing they do have in common is their clever delivery system.

Follow these 4 simple steps to ensure the best results from your chosen patches.

Before You Apply

Only ever use our patches on clean, dry skin. Wash your face and dry the area thoroughly before you begin application.

PRepare the Patch

Holding the sheet with the writing reading the correct way, gently peel a patch away at the edges. Be careful not to touch the centre of the patch (you'll notice this area looks different)

Place The Patch

Holding the adhesive edge only, carefully place the patch in the desired area. It's important that you do NOT rub the patch.

Press to Activate

Gently but firmly, press the patch into your skin to activate the microneedles. You should feel a slight tingle or 'velcro' sensation as the pyramids of crystallised serum get to work

Wait Two Hours

Leave your patches in place for at least two hours to ensure the microneedles have fully dissolved. Relax, work, exercise, sleep - your call!