Who we are

At VICE REVERSA we think you deserve smarter skincare. Skincare that goes beyond the regular products that promise a lot, but don’t really work. Skincare that starts from an age-old tradition of beauty creams and serums, and then rethinks it from the epidermis up. 

We believe in getting the good stuff right under your skin, to undo all the bad stuff life does. And that requires serious technology. So we work with world-leading Korean scientists to bring you the next-generation of skincare: unique, patented microneedle patches.

It’s medical-grade technology that gives you serious results, free of pain and trauma. It’s microscopic crystallised serum needles that get potent active ingredients down right where they count. It’s visible results, delivered at the speed of modern life.

It’s skincare – moved on.

Our promise to you

At VICE REVERSA we’re here to change the way you experience skincare. We deliver the best quality active ingredients right under your skin. Without the disappointment of standard topical products, and without the hassle of clinical treatments. So you get real results, real fast.


Our products

We make medical grade microneedle patches that deliver skincare in a uniquely effective way – getting the good stuff right into your skin. We use a patented crystallised serum needle technology to bring you and your skin serious results, free of pain and hassle. It’s skincare – moved on.