Next-generation science

A pain-free breakthrough.

Unique, patented patches are made of a medical-grade hydrocolloid bandage formed with thousands of tiny, dissolvable pyramid-shaped microneedles.

Microneedles go deep enough to pass through the skin’s outer barrier but shallow enough to avoid pain and trauma.

Developed from breakthrough medical research into safe, pain-free ways to deliver vaccines to babies.

Breaking barriers.

The top layer of the skin (stratum corneum) forms a natural barrier, stopping toxins from getting in and precious water from getting out.

But the stratum corneum also makes it hard for skincare to work, because it stops active ingredients from getting down to the deep layers.

Microneedles solve this problem – creating tiny tunnels through the stratum corneum, so active ingredients can get where they’re needed.

Potent but gentle.

VICE REVERSA’s microneedles are tightly packed on the patch – with up to 4 times more than on any other microneedle match.

Once the patch is applied, the water-soluble microneedles begin to dissolve in your skin, making them gentle and non-irritating – technology first developed to deliver vaccines to babies.

After around two hours, the microneedles have completely dissolved, leaving the active ingredients working in the deep layers of the skin.

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